Frankie Takes On: Cold August Weather

Or: A Reflection on the Nature of Rain with Crappy Life Metaphors


It’s raining again, so book another session with your melancholic, philosophic, bed-aholic self.


What else are you going to do with yourself, huh?

It isn’t easy to be productive on a rainy day. There’s nothing about the weather that excites you. Nothing that spurs you into action. Nothing to motivate you to do something with yourself. In fact, the only good time you can have in the rain is the time you have away from it.

There are movies you know to describe the occasion: a lonely hitman walking quickly and with purpose through the downpour. Aimless teenagers cruising the streets on their secondhand motorcycles, feeling the rain drop gently on their bare heads. Ex-lovers running after each other for a cliched reunion.

The movies, they’re full of symbols. Sometimes, you can even swear you can see yourself on screen with actors and actresses so pretty, they can still look special standing under the rain with no umbrella. But this isn’t the movies and even if they were, you wouldn’t be wouldn’t be caught dead under the rain anyway unless they were paying you to do it.

How to save a rainy day?

You treat it the same way you treat everything else – by letting it happen, letting the flood water enter your shoes and drench your feet because you were stupid and impatient and couldn’t stand waiting on dry land anymore. Umbrellas can only do so much until the cold in your feet travels all the way up to your ears, and when you’re standing drenched on the street, there’s hardly any reason to get poetic about the stupid weather.

Take a cue from your bed and curl into yourself under the blankets. Give yourself time to think. Reflect on things you wouldn’t dare consider under the happy sunlight. Pop in some somber tunes to help the reminiscing process. Pick up a pen and write down all the silly, overdramatic things so you can feel like a regular tortured soul. Read a metaphor-heavy book to heighten that sentimental feeling. Find yourself in the raindrops falling softly against the window. Plug the holes in your ceiling, ’cause the floor’s getting wet.

Or you can do something more productive by rolling over and closing your eyes to sleep the rest of the day away. It’s not like you can do anything else, after all.

Not in crazy weather like this.

Song for the Weekend:

“I’mma meditate just for practice.”


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