Frankie Takes On: Coloring Book

Or: Chance the Rapper becomes Chance the Father, which becomes his Chance of a Lifetime.

00 - Chance_The_Rapper_Chance_3-front-large

Juke, God! Igh!


In the grand, new tradition of rappers getting emotional and weepy in the recording booth, Chance shows that he’s not so above it all, after all. No longer is he jacked-up on Acid Rap, even if he still sounds like he is – this time, Chance the Druggie has moved out and Chance the Father enters the scene to take his place.

Chance the Father! These days, it seems like a bunch of rap artists I used to follow are becoming young dads. This is a good thing, because way too many fathers run away from their responsibilities, leaving behind young children who grow up to become parents that run away from their responsibilities.

Maybe this is why the album’s called Coloring Book – after all, when a singer becomes a parent, you can bet one of the albums gets named in honor of that newborn firstborn.

It still sounds like Chance, though he sings more than he raps now. I’d almost make a Kanye West comparison here (“Kanye’s best prodigy/He ain’t signed me, but he proud of me”), because this recent shift to a holy, Gospel sound sounds way familiar. But really, the album’s only been released today and I don’t really feel like getting into all of that now. To be honest, I’m only cranking this out now to cash in on the hype.

Even Rap Genius isn’t completely finished analyzing the mixtape, so there’s really not much room for some deep analysis. So instead of that boring stuff, here’s the tracklist, side-by-side with the stuff you really want to know: when it’s most appropriate to listen to them.

Look, I’m bored, okay. And this is the most I can do after listening to the mixtape twice. So, I make up for this lack of effort by also throwing in my favorite lines from each of the songs. Which probably shows an even bigger lack of effort, but we take what we can get.


1. All We Got – When you’ve lost hope and in need of some validation, ’cause you know you got it, you just need to confirm it.
(This is the holiest thing!)

2. No Problem – When you want to end the argument in the most cheerful way possible, because you don’t want to be obvious about being offensive.
(You don’t want no problems, want no problems with me.)

3. Summer Friends – When you’re lounging in the pool and ready to drink something but got no one to drink it with.
(Summer friends don’t stick around.)

4. DRAM Sings Special – When you need an icebreaker for your last date.
(Everyone is special, this I know is true when I look at you.)

5. Blessings – When you’re broke and jobless, but realize you still have a roof over your head and a working internet connection, so life ain’t really that bad.
(Don’t believe in kings, believe in the Kingdom.)

6. Same Drugs – When you’re stuck between saying sorry and wondering just what you have to be sorry for.
(You were always perfect and I was always practice.)

7. Mixtape – When you swear you know how a rainbow smells like.
(Am I the only one who really care about cover art?)

8. Angels – When you’re itching for a real excuse to say WOO WOO THIS WOO WAP DA BAM out loud.
(This is what it sound like when God split an atom with me.)

9. Juke Jam – When you need an icebreaker for your first date.
(You used to “I remember you.”)

10. All Night – When it’s late, you’re bored, you’re alone, and you wanna start dancing, ho!
(Shut up! Start dancing, ho.)

11. How Great – When you want to get down on your knees and praise the Lord Jesus Most High for gifting us with more Jay Electronica.
(Who was the angel that rode a Harley from the project to the house of Parliament/And opened the book in the Devil’s chamber and put the true name of the Lord in it?)

12. Smoke Break – When you think you need a smoke break, but you remember you don’t actually smoke, so.
(We deserve a smoke break.)

13. Finish Line/Drown – When you’re taking your first baby steps out of the Holy Waters after getting baptized and inducted into the Church of Chance.
(I got the power I could poke Lucifer with a crucifix.)

14. Blessings (Reprise) – When you’re still not ready for the album to end, but pretty darn excited for this post to wrap up already.
(Call me Mister Mufasa, I had to master stampedes.)


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